Refund policy

Please note that refunds on any purchase are subject to a 5% fee.

Season passes are refundable if they are cancelled prior to Nov. 1 2023. After Oct. 31, unused season passes are refundable only for medical reasons or due to relocation and the amount refunded is on a pro-rated scale depending on when the written request was made. Refunds for medical reasons must be accompanied by a doctors certificate. Refunds due to relocation must be supported by a letter from your employer outlining the date and location of the transfer.

The pro-rated refund scale is:

  1. Prior to Nov. 11 2023 - 100%
  2. Prior to Dec. 16 2023 - 75%
  3. Prior to Jan. 17 2024 - 50%
  4. Prior to Feb. 9 2024 - 25%
  5. After Feb. 8 2024 - 0%

After Oct. 31, season passes that have been used are not eligible for a refund. However, the season pass will be credited or transferred to the 2024-2025 season if the passholder is injured and cannot come skiing or snowboarding. A written request must be accompanied by a doctors certificate and must be made prior to Jan. 17, 2024.

Lift tickets and rentals are not refundable unless Sunridge is closed due to extreme cold weather.

Three lesson group lessons are refundable if cancelled at least 7 days prior to the start of the lesson program. There is a 5% fee to refund a three lesson group lesson. If you are not within 48 hours of the start of the first lesson, you can move to another three lesson program during the season at no charge.

Our one lesson programs for 5 and 6 year olds are non-refundable. If you are not within 48 hours of the lesson date, you can reschedule the one day lessons to another date during the season.

If Sunridge is closed due to extreme cold weather on one of your lesson dates, then a make-up lesson date will be offered. If you can't make it on the make-up dates, then a credit equivalent to the value of the missed lesson will be applied to your account.

Private lessons are non-refundable unless Sunridge is closed due to extreme cold weather. You may reschedule your private lesson up to 48 hours in advance of the lesson at no charge. Within the 48 hour window prior to your lesson, a rescheduling fee of $35 is charged.

Snowtubing is non-refundable unless the tube park is closed due to extreme cold weather or poor tubing conditions. If the tube park is closed, your tube tickets can be transferred to another day or refunded.

Six packs are non-refundable. The tickets on a six pack are full-day tickets and they never expire.

Gift cards are non-refundable. However they never expire, can be reloaded, can be used to purchase items on line and funds can be transferred between cards.


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